Normally I am not a football fan.  I did however get the opportunity to see the 2017 superbowl game and was impressed by watching history in the makeing.  No matter what the venue to watch a group of people work as a team and do the impossible is inspiring. To win at something that you breeze through is not nearly as impressive as winning when nobody thinks you can.  I watched this team face crushing blows from the start and early on were staring utter defeat in the eyes.  They knew that everyone watching was sure they would fail and they chose to power past it and they won against the staggering odds.  We can all take a motivational lesson from this game in our daily lives.  Thanks Endre for your great article ‘Takeaways’ from the Five Time Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots



Lessons or should I say ‘Takeaways’ from the Five Time Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots

As a Beverly Hills Realtor, I always watch other people and how they handle adversity, stress, and when events are not going in their favor I am very interested on how they respond. Watching the Super Bowl today, sent me a huge message, as I watched the first two Quarters and listened to the announcers spewing statistics, that ‘…no one has ever come back from a 14-point deficit…’ and when it reached 28 points I had serious doubts as well. (Note to self, do not listen to doom and gloom around you, even if they are coming from people who are considered “experts” focus on the task at hand).

At that point it appeared to me that the highlight of the game would be the ‘Super Bowl Half Time Performance by Lady Gaga’. As, I was watching the coach’s reaction as he was taking notes on paper with a pen. Thoughts were running through my head, time for the Coach to retire, time for the Quarterback to retire, time for new faces, time for someone who is not old school and the list goes on and on. He was not focused on the noise around him. He was focused on what they need to do to win.

Interestingly, one of the talking heads said ‘…you watch the Patriots will come out from the Locker-room with fire in their belly and hearts….’ I was more focused on hoping that the half time performance will be better and that way I will have some benefit of giving up a couple hours of non-Real Estate related activity and not consider my time as a total loss.

Then, when the Patriots came out with a strong beginning and shortly after it, I saw their efforts fizzle out, my doubts were increasing. Nothing seemed to be working for the New England Patriots. Then as I watched a transformation taking place, a team that looked at their Leader who was not going to let them down, Tom Brady and his Coach, I saw the biggest Fourth Quarter turn around ever.

This reminded me of my perseverance in real estate activities. I saw the team never giving up, never showing that they were defeated and they just keep doing what they did the day in day out, the practiced and time tested activities. Just as I do day in day out in my real estate practice, so many Los Angeles Real Estate transactions that would go south if I did not stay with it.

This fourth quarter was very motivational to me. As I watched the owner of the Atlanta Falcons head down to the 50-yard line waiting to receive the Vince Lombardy Trophy, reminded me of not to anticipate too soon the closing, until the transaction closes. I saw every one giving extra effort and everyone was focused on one thing WINNING! No one looked defeated and the next thing I saw was a tie game.

Congratulations to the New England Patriots and to Tom Brady as well as the entire team. Thank you for giving me a superb Motivational and enjoyable two plus hours away from what I do day in and day out!

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