Last year I sold a home to a wonderful couple and a short time later the kids decided to follow. We found a great home for them and the buyer got hired for a local job at a great company, or so he thought! We went through a ton of ups and downs, they uprooted their life, packed the moving vans and headed for their new life. Escrow was delayed but we got to that wonderful day that we were ready to sign the closing documents. The family was here with everything in moving vans and he was ready to start his new job this next week.

We were in the walk through when I get a call from the title company saying we could not sign yet. A quick call from the lender revealed that they were doing the customary phone verification checks to close the file and the new job had no record of the buyer or the name of the guy that hired him. Recounting the events surrounding the hire, the buyer drove up here, met the employer in the parking lot and headed out to a local restraunt to talk over the job. This off site interview led to the hire. Over the course of several months letters of employment were issued, several phone calls were made, and requirements like physicals were met.

The only problem was it was a scam. There was no such job, the boss wasn't a person at the company and Human resources had no idea who our buyer was. Needless to say we wound up with a family that moved to a new state, without a job, without a home and their lives have been turned upside down.

Most of the things we run across that turn out to be scams work only because they are so unexpecting. Everyday mundane things that we deal with everyday can be twisted around to something sinister.  Be sure to be extra vigilent where you can be.  You can be sure I will be more proactive at checking out job start dates with human resource department heads of record instead of the number on the the letter head.