Power VS Force 



An ancient fable tells the story of how the North Wind and the Sun decided which of them is the more powerful force of nature. For years, they both insisted that their strengths were unmatched. One day, they decided they would end their ongoing dispute with a simple challenge: they would both use their powers to try and get the next person on the nearest path to veer off into the river. The first one to succeed in getting the person into the water would be declared the victor and deemed to be the more powerful force.
No sooner had they agreed on these terms when a traveler appeared on the path. The North Wind flexed with all his might and directed a long, concentrated gust at the hiker. The man lost his balance and stumbled for a moment, but then he righted himself, put his head down, and leaned into the wind to push onward. Once the North Wind realized that his actions had produced the opposite effect of what he had intended, he gracefully stepped aside and challenged the Sun to outdo him.

As the wind dissipated, the Sun beamed brightly, showering the traveler in shimmering rays of light. The man began to feel hot as he traveled along the path and decided to cool himself off with a dip in the river. While the traveler relaxed after a refreshing swim, the Sun was declared to be the winner. The moral of the story: warm persuasion is more powerful than blustering force.